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The Best Cars For New Drivers

We often receive questions from new drivers like, “Should I take driving lessons?”, “Is my insurance policy the right one for me?”, and  “What happens if I fail my driving test?”, but a frequently asked question that you may not have expected is, “What’s the best car for a new driver?”! 

A Guide To Enhanced Road Assessments

Curious about Enhanced Road Assessments, what they are, and why they’re required? We’re jumping into the what, why, and how of ERA’s! This is a great opportunity to learn about Enhanced Road Assessments if you have been informed you need to take one, or if you have a loved one that needs to prepare for one.

Running Commentary: What Is It & How to Use It

Running commentary is exactly what it sounds like – while you drive, you speak aloud all of your actions and observations as if you were a commentator watching and announcing at a sports game. But instead, it’s just you and the car.

Top 5 Summer Road Trip Adventures

It has been a long year, and with Canada-wide travel now allowed, we know that you’re raring to get up and go out!  We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 road trips that are stunning during the summer months, and will show you some amazing sights throughout western Canada! All distances are calculated from right here in the Fraser Valley.  Before heading out to any of the attractions or destinations listed below, we'd recommend checking ahead to inquire if they have re-opened and/or have any restrictions in place, as each location may be in different stages of re-opening.

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 “Thank you so much for your professional approach to driver training.  I missed learning to drive in my teenage years and needed to quickly learn the rules of the road in order to pass my road test for a new job.  

The kind of service I received from Valley driving was excellent and of high caliber.  I did the entire program and all of it was useful to helping me pass my exam.  My experience with my instructor is to be commended immensely.  He was patient and helpful as I learned to drive, and without him I likely would not have passed that road test!  I'm thoroughly impressed by Valley Driving as a business and would like all of you to know that I appreciate how well each of you do your work.  Thanks!”



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