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Downhill and Uphill Parking Safety Tips

If you’re wondering if parking correctly and safely on a hill is really all that important after your road exam, let us assure you it is!  You may be surprised if we told you questions about hill parking are some of the most searched questions online. We’re not surprised either since drivers need to understand which direction the vehicle wheels are to be turned when parking uphill or downhill with a curb or no curb. Never fear, we’re here to put an answer to it all today!

4 Types of Intersections and How to Navigate Them

You come across them every day and often don’t give them much thought unless unsure of how to proceed. Intersections are all over our roads and an important part of driving no matter where you are, but do you know all the different types and the rules for each?

How to Become a Firefighter in BC

Finding a career in the fire and rescue industry is a dream for many. While the associated labour can be grueling, it is a rewarding career path that truly saves lives. No two days on the job are the same when you work as a firefighter in British Columbia. There are many factors that must be considered before embarking on your journey to become a member of the fire and rescue field, including education, training and qualifications.

Top 5 Best Driving Videos to Start the New Year

At Valley Driving School, our top priority is safety and education. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a little fun and incredible skill behind the wheel – we enjoy watching driving videos of all kinds, from professional drifting to F1 racing, and a little of everything in between. Driving for sport can evoke a level of exhilaration and bliss that is rarely replicated. As Instructors, we work to hone our skills to ensure our driving is top notch and that we follow the law to the letter. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the wilder side of driving!

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