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Truck driving in BC has unique skill sets that employers recruit for and expect when hiring and evaluating employee performance. For managing loads of all sizes under varying road conditions, valuable drivers will be proficient in time-efficiency, with emphasis on safety.

A safe and efficient driver is a world-class asset for any employer. That’s why our 2-hour Truck Driving Employment Skills Courses are a valuable talent for new and seasoned drivers to brush up on their practical workplace skills or prepare before a work evaluation.  Our team of professional truck driving Instructors work hands-on with our students, providing an enriched learning experience that suits their learning style and pace.

Our 2-hour hands-on instructional courses are a great way to strengthen your practical work abilities and gain additional confidence in your employable skills. For additional road training, consider our all-inclusive Class 1 Truck Driving Training program designed for those entering the trucking industry.

Each experience building course is $160/session.


Load Security

Students will receive hands-on experience with tarping, securing loads and weight distribution with a variety of different cargo.


group pre-trip

As a driver, you are responsible for ensuring your vehicle is safe everytime you drive it.  This course gives students hands-on experience with the ICBC pre-trip and air brake inspection expectations, terminology, and how to complete a trip inspection report.


coupling / sliding

Become an expert in coupling and uncoupling procedures, for a tractor and trailer.  This course will give you hands-on experience with the safe sequence to ensure the trailer you tow is securely fastened.


chaining up

Learn how to drive safely in BC's ever changing weather conditions including practical experience installing a set of triple tire chains.



*ICBC fees are not included in our Truck Training pricing

**All manuals and handouts are included with tuition


"I want to thank my instructor and the friendly knowledgeable staff that made my dream to become a commercial driver come true.

I'm currently doing long-haul runs through North America and I enjoy my job.

I've accepted the challenge to begin my journey as a truck driver and there are tough times; but I remember my Instructor said it's all about your attitude. So I stayed positive and bulldoze every obstacle in my way.

Yahoo!! Thanks again :)"



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