Transporting people in a vehicle as part of your profession means improving and perfecting your driving habits, behaviours, and skills to ensure passenger safety. Transporting others requires dedication and a high level of responsibility, commitment, and safety, so ICBC has specific licensing requirements for those drivers. Valley Driving School can help prepare drivers to meet and exceed these expectations, with our class 4 unrestricted training program. 

There are two class 4 designations, allowing drivers to operate passenger vehicles under restricted or unrestricted licence parameters. Both designations are focused on the safe transportation of people and require the same elevated level of skill and competency.

A class 4 unrestricted licence may be used to drive vehicles with a total passenger capacity of 25 (including the driver), such as school buses, special activity buses, and vehicles used to transport people with disabilities such as HandyDART. The unrestricted designation will allow you to drive any vehicle that is included within the restricted designation as well.

Restricted class 4 drivers may transport up to 10 passengers (including the driver) in vehicles such as: taxis and limousines, ambulances, or shuttle vehicles. With ride hailing services now available in BC, a restricted class 4 licence will be needed to become a driver for companies such as Lyft.

Our class 4 unrestricted program includes one-on-one on-road time and pre-trip inspection training in a 15-passenger van. We will cover all the required skills needed to successfully complete the ICBC unrestricted class 4 road test.  Class 4 training is considered part-time training and start dates are provided on a continuous & rotating intake, based on student & instructor availability.

Class 4 Unrestricted Program- $499

class 4 unrestricted road test preparation & vehicle rental

Our 15 passenger van is available for use during your ICBC class 4 unrestricted road test.  Our vehicle is guaranteed to meet all road test standards so there will be no surprises on your big day!  A warm-up lesson to brush up on your driving skills prior on the same day as your ICBC road test is also included.  Students enrolling in this program must have successfully completed class 4 training with Valley Driving School.

Add Road Test Preparation & Vehicle Rental (2 hours) - $299


*ICBC fees are not included in Truck Training pricing

**Manuals and handouts are included with tuition



"I want to thank my instructor and the friendly knowledgeable staff that made my dream to become a commercial driver come true.

I'm currently doing long-haul runs through North America and I enjoy my job.

I've accepted the challenge to begin my journey as a truck driver and there are tough times; but I remember my Instructor said it's all about your attitude. So I stayed positive and bulldoze every obstacle in my way.

Yahoo!! Thanks again :)"



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