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Frequently asked questions

How do I get started with my training?

We can register you in advance for our training course and you will only need to have a class 7N or Class 5 license for car in order to begin the theory sessions with us.  Once you have successfully completed the class 6/8 Learners knowledge test with ICBC, you can begin the practical training.

In order to provide a safe environment and a comprehensive understanding of road rules and regulations, our students must have the minimum of a class 7N to take Motorcycle training with us.


What kind of motorcycle equipment do I require?

Dress for Success: Courses run rain or shine. Make sure you are prepared for the elements.

Shoes: Closed toe, above ankle boots/shoes; Steel-Toed boots are not recommended, as it is difficult to feel the gears shift.

Helmet: Students must provide their own DOT helmet for training, and we strongly recommend the use of a full face helmet.

Attire: Be sure to wear thick, full coverage clothing (long sleeves and pants). Water resistant pants and jackets are highly recommended during our fall and spring courses, as the weather is unpredictable. Layering your clothing is recommended for the elements.

Gloves: Leather is recommended.

Need gear??  No problem!!

Our students receive a 10% discount on their riding clothing purchase at Rubber Side Down Motorsport Clothing Inc!  Visit them for top quality riding gear in leather, textile, nylon and other materials.  

Rubber Side Down can even work with you to design your own gear and have it custom made!


Does taking Motorcycle Training provide me with an insurance discount?

Some private insurance companies in the province of BC offer a discount to students who have completed a certified motorcycle course.


I’ve been riding dirt bikes for years, do I really need to take a training program?

From our experience, dirt bike riders experience the same learning curve and challenges relating to slow speed maneuvers, braking exercises and riding in traffic as other “new to the road” students.

Many students come in with previous riding experience, and years of driving experience. What we routinely find is that these students are surprised by how much they learn from our course and many are shocked at the number of “bad habits” they have picked up over the years.

We will teach you all of the elements that are contained within the ICBC road test, plus much more.

We consider the ICBC road test to be an entry level riding test. We are committed to teaching you to a higher standard, so that you will be riding safely for many years to come.


Will my Instructor be able to help me if I’m struggling while in the group sessions?

Our practical sessions have a maximum of 4 students per Instructor so that our Instructor can offer individual attention to each of our students.  We can also offer one-on-one training tailored to fit your needs.


My schedule and availability changes regularly, will your courses work with my schedule?

We have various course dates available throughout our locations so you are more than welcome to split up the training dates to work with your current obligations.  To maintain your knowledge during the training we would suggest completing everything over a maximum of 1-2 months.  Click here to view our Course Calendar.


Are you able to perform the parking lot test (motorcycle skills assessment) at your location?

Yes, the Motorcycle Skills Assessment (MSA) is included in our Motorcycle Skills Program and can be completed for you at our location with our ICBC Approved Assessment Officers.


I have my motorcycle road test coming up soon, can I rent your bike for the test?

Motorcycles are available to rent for your road test for Valley Driving School students who have completed the Complete Motorcycle Training Program in preparation for their class 6 or class 8 road test.


Our motorcycle fleet contains a variety of modern, beginner friendly motorcycles equipped with specialized handlebars and side-bags. The majority of our bikes are 250cc.


I am worried your motorcycles may be too big/too small for me, can I still take the course?

We have taught all different sizes of people over the years and have not had a problem with anyone not “fitting” the motorcycle. If you are concerned, we encourage you to visit one of our offices and determine if our motorcycles will meet your needs.

For students that are very tall, we will adjust the handlebars on the motorcycle in order to make them feel comfortable.



Covid-19 has affected all of our lives in various ways, including training with Valley Driving School and testing with ICBC.  Please see our Covid-19 FAQs for more information.




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"All the Instructors shared great tips and instructions with us. Regardless of whether or not I pass the Road Test tomorrow, I had a fantastic experience. I went from "no experience" to feeling comfortable riding the bike through town."



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