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How to Handle a Flat Tire

The realization that your vehicle has incurred a flat tire can be unnerving and cause panic, especially if it happens while you’re driving. You can also get a flat tire between drives, which is one of the reasons that it’s important to do a pre-trip check before you hit the road. We’re breaking down the aftermath of having a flat tire so if it does happen to you, you’ll be prepared and can skip the panic stage!

Top 4 Reasons You Should Buy a Dash Cam

Have you been thinking about getting a dash cam installed? Are you on the fence about whether the financial investment is worth it for you to have another gadget in your vehicle? Dash cams have become increasingly more popular over the past few years. The main purpose is to record every detail that takes place on the road around you, and this footage can be useful for a variety of purposes.

Gifts for Qualified Supervisors

To round off our gift guides for 2021, we’re looking at those that have helped drivers, riders, and truckers get to where they are - the qualified supervisors! Depending on what licence you’ve gone after, you’ve spent anywhere from one month to twelve months being watched and mentored by a qualified supervisor. Professional Instructors, parents, and friends have all been there to share their knowledge and let you practice, and the holiday season is a great time to show your appreciation!

Gifts for New Truckers

Another week, another list of great gifts for the people in your life! We’re putting the spotlight on new truck drivers, who have just received their licence or are on their way to becoming a fully licensed trucker. Becoming a new trucker is a huge accomplishment for many, and often leads to a new and fulfilling career. There is nothing better than having the hard work of getting a new truck licence recognized by the people around you. This holiday season, if you have a new trucker in your life - or if you are a new trucker that wants to treat themselves, is the perfect time to celebrate that achievement!

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"A special “Thank You” to you. From what I was told, you never let my daughter put her guard down. Good for you.

I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you’ve given to my daughter. I will recommend Valley Driving School to as many people as I can.

Again, “Thank You” to everyone. Who knows…maybe my daughter will be back for other types of drivers training ie: motorcycle, standard, or even semi-trucks. Could happen. She ‘loves’ to drive.  

Best regards"



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