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Driving Tips: Night Driving

No matter how sharp your vision is, driving at night can pose challenges for new and experienced drivers alike. It can be more difficult to see hazards, the curves of the road, wildlife, and even other drivers. Conversely, it’s just as difficult for other drivers to see you. Depth perception is also reduced in low light or completely dark conditions.

Top 10 Spooky Halloween Vehicles

“This is Halloween, this is Halloween. Halloween! Halloween!” It’s time for carving pumpkins, haunted houses, trick or treating and great costumes! One of our favourite Halloween pastimes is enjoying some great movies featuring some odd and even haunted vehicles driven by crazy weird and crazy psychotic individuals! 

Sharing The Road With Wildlife

Whether you’re a hunter, or photographer, or just an observer, seeing animals in their natural habitat is a wonderful treat when travelling. But what do you do when you don’t see them and all of a sudden one is in your path?! Here are some of our tips on how to safely share the road with wildlife big and small. Know the risks, plan your routes, and most importantly, be prepared!

Meet the Companies: Valley Carriers

The trucking industry is full of job opportunities and great companies to work for. Our truck students have access to exclusive job postings and career presentations that provide a chance to rub elbows with some of these companies, but we wanted to go more in depth. This week continues our feature on some of the companies that we work with and that we recommend for employment!

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"A special “Thank You” to you. From what I was told, you never let my daughter put her guard down. Good for you.

I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you’ve given to my daughter. I will recommend Valley Driving School to as many people as I can.

Again, “Thank You” to everyone. Who knows…maybe my daughter will be back for other types of drivers training ie: motorcycle, standard, or even semi-trucks. Could happen. She ‘loves’ to drive.  

Best regards"



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