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Top 4 Trendy Tech for Riders

Look rad and stay safe!

That’s our goal with the following list — a compilation of the newest and coolest gear for your motorcycle. While motorcycles can certainly be a fun mode of transport, it’s also critical to have the appropriate equipment for your ride.

Fortunately, manufacturers are constantly developing and improving new gear to make life on two wheels safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

In this post we’ll count down our top 4 of the trendiest tech pieces available for motorcycle riders!

4. NUVIZ HUD (Head Up Display)

The NUVIZ Head Up Display is the best take we’ve seen on a display system that allows riders to regard visual information without looking down at a screen. According to the NUVIZ website, it is the “only all-in-one motorcycle head-up display (HUD) with integrated navigation, communication, action camera, and music in a single device.”

The display system comprises two parts: a semi-transparent converter that attaches outside the helmet and a controller that attaches to your handlebars. The converter features an 800 by 400-pixel LCD screen. Here, you can see visuals such as maps, song choices, contacts for phone calling, and more. The converter also has a video and image-recording camera. Also included with the HUD kit are a pair of in-helmet headphones and microphone.

Use the controller to make selections on your converter screen. There is also a NUVIZ app for your phone.

The goal of the NUVIZ (and we think it’s accomplished) is to help riders avoid the need to look down at controls, dials, GPS screens, and phones. This ensures better safety and focus and a more enjoyable ride.

Despite the fact that the screen size is small and in the corner of the driver’s vision, when you don’t need to be looking at anything besides the road, you certainly shouldn’t be! So, we also like the fact that the display screen can be turned off when necessary while things like music can stay on.

Remember that Class 8 L and N riders cannot use hand-held or hands-free electronic devices. Please make sure you have a full Class 6 licence before trying this product.

3. Akari Liquid Crystal Visor Insert

Most riders are used to wearing sunglasses or goggles while in their helmets or having visors for better vision and less eyestrain on bright days. You never know when the sunlight or your direction will change, so having the ability to alter your tint in as little time as possible is essential.

With the Akari Liquid Crystal Visor Insert, this action becomes easier than ever before. The visor insert itself comes in several sizes, and there is a universal AX12 model that fits nearly all industry-standard visors available.

With this insert, riders are able to change their visor tint with the push of a button (and in less than 1/10th of a second!). A small button connects with the visor insert’s technology and attaches to the outside of the rider’s face shield. Simply tap the button to change the tint of the insert from dark to light or back again. There is also a hands-free mode, which senses the lighting you’re in and changes the tint automatically.

Again, the goal here is safety and convenience. With the Akari Liquid Crystal Visor Insert, there’s no need to fiddle with your face shield, goggles, or sunglasses when the light changes. This keeps your hands where they should be — on the handlebars — and your eyes focused where they should be — on the road!

2. The BrakeFree Helmet Brake Light

This product helps motorcycle drivers be more visible on the road, which is always a plus. While all motorcycles have taillights to let other drivers know When they’re slowing down, down-shifting, or coming to a stop, the BrakeFree Helmet Brake Light provides a brake light at eye level.

The light does not need to be connected to the motorcycle with wires or by use of a phone app. It simply attaches to the back of (most models of) helmet. The device detects deceleration, no matter the direction that the helmet (driver’s head) is moving or facing. This makes it work in almost any application and provides much better visibility and safety on the road.

NOTE: This device is a work in progress from an indie start-up company, so it may take longer to receive the device after ordering. Go here to learn more.


1. Helite Airbag Jackets and Vests

As a rider yourself, you know that accidents on motorcycles can happen. In cars, when accidents occur, airbags save lives. In fact, the airbag is often credited as the invention that’s saved the most lives for car and truck drivers and passengers. This life-saving technology works well for closed vehicles, but not so much when it comes to motorcycles. Airbags on motorcycles have not been broadly adopted, although a few manufacturers are trying.

Instead, what many drivers have found to be the answer to motorcycle driving safety is the jacket or vest airbag. The company Helite has four main types of airbag jackets and several airbag vests on the market.

These wearable devices feature extremely fast, mechanically-activated airbag systems. The most important element of the airbag system is the lanyard, which attaches the airbag jacket or vest to the motorcycle itself.

Much like a lanyard on a treadmill, when the connection of the lanyard is broken, the airbag deploys. This means that if the motorcycle comes out from under the rider or the rider is thrown off their bike, the airbag will deploy. There is also a hard, insertable back protector plate that shields the spine from an impact.

The technology has been honed and modified to be extremely effective against major motorcycle injuries. Moreover, some of the designs of the Helite Airbag Jackets and Vests are pretty sleek and cool. It’s safety and style all rolled into one.


Whether you commute daily on your motorcycle or just like to take her out for joyrides when the mood hits, these products are sure to improve both your safety and your overall experience by leaps and bounds.

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