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10 Awesome DIY Car Hacks

Purchasing something new for your vehicle is always an exciting experience, but it can get quite expensive as well. In today’s blog post, we will be talking about car hacks to help you save a few bucks while still keeping your car up to its best shape.

Baby Monitor

We originally mentioned a baby monitor as a way to prevent and deter theft in our 7 Ways To Keep Your Vehicle Locked Down blog. Many parents have these hanging around even after their child has outgrown the need for one. Using a baby monitor is a fantastic way to ensure you can hear everything and some newer models include cameras so you can watch what is happening around your vehicle even when you are nowhere near it.


Flex-seal & Flex-tape

use flex seal to seal holes in your soft top

Sometimes we are forced to leave our precious soft-top convertibles outside for various reasons. Unfortunately, this can lead to dastardly humans cutting through the top to get inside. Insurance deductibles can be high, as can replacing the entire top yourself. While not a perfect fix, using flex-tape or flex-seal to cover holes can be an effective method at keeping the west coast rain on the outside of your car rather than pouring through any gashes in your roof.


Windshield Wiper Blades

Your windshield wiper blades should be replaced approximately every 6 months but that doesn’t mean the old ones need to go in the trash! Keeping the old blades in your vehicle to use as a squeegee and clear away all the early morning dew will ensure clear visibility right from the beginning of your drive.


Facial Wipes

Keeping facial wipes in your vehicle can be handy for a number of different reasons, from wiping off sticky fingers to cleaning up facial wipe can remove the marks before they even have a chance to set. Facial wipes that contain alcohol are also great to use when cleaning windows as the alcohol evaporates, leaving a streak-free surface! Household-cleaning disinfecting wipes should be avoided, as they can eat away at the dash and steering wheel – another vote for keeping those facial wipes handy.


Scented Dryer Sheet(s)

Air fresheners from the store can often be more overpowering than expected when purchasing. These overwhelming scents can be distracting, especially if someone is sensitive to perfumes or strong smells. To avoid this issue, taking a few dryer sheets and putting them underneath your vehicle’s seats can subtly keep your vehicle scent free.


Clothespins and Essential Oils

If you can’t find a scent you like with the dryer sheets, you can find a sublte scent provider in clothespins and essential oils!  Add 5 to 10 drops of your preferred essential oil directly to a clothespin and clip these to an interior air vent, filling your vehicle with pleasant smells. There are so many essential oil scents to choose from, including some that are specifically meant for combating anxieties and relieving stress – perfect for making your way through heavy lower mainland traffic! Check out lavender, lemon, ylang ylang, jasmine or bergamot for a more relaxing drive.


Foam Craft Brush

Foam craft brushes are great for cleaning up your air vents. The soft foam at the end of the stick can easily fit into those small hard to reach areas and pick up any of the dirt or dust in there. Dampening the foam can help your car start looking like new again.



If you don’t have any craft brushes around your house, children’s slime can be a super useful tool in cleaning up any hard to reach places. Its naturally sticky texture is great for cleaning cubby holes and air vents around your vehicle. Slime can easily be made from materials around your house or even purchased inexpensively from a dollar store.


Travel Mug & A Sock

Ever wonder how people somehow manage to keep their cup holders clean, despite being crumb magnets? You too can have clean cup holders with an old bulky sock, travel mug, and household glass cleaner. Douse the sock with the glass cleaner and pull it over the travel mug’s base. Stick the sock-covered travel mug into your cup holders and rotate a few times around - the dirt, dust, and crumbs will be picked up by sock and leave you with another clean surface. This can be done for not only the middle console cup holders, but the ones that reside in the doors and back seats as well!



While not a permanent fix, using toothpaste on your headlight covers can help clear up a cloudy layer so you can see better until you are able to purchase new covers. Using a toothpaste containing hydrated silica and an old toothbrush, work the toothpaste into the cover using small circular motions. The small granules in the toothpaste will help to polish away the top layer of dirt and grime leaving a clean and clear looking surface after rinsing. This method typically gives your headlight covers an additional 3 months of life to look for replacements.

These cost-effective hacks for your car will help to save you money on tools and products. Check out more of our blogs for tips for a full Spring clean of your vehicle, Basic Vehicle Maintenance, and even ways to ensure your vehicle is road test worthy!

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