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Class  3  practice  tests

Is driving a fire truck, dump truck, garbage truck, cement truck, large tow truck or mobile truck crane in your future?  You'll need a class 3 licence!  Your first step in earning a class 3 licence will be to obtain a class 3 learner's licence by successfully completing the ICBC knowledge test.  The class 3 knowledge test is also the first step in obtaining a code 20 (heavy trailer) endorsement. 

You can prepare for your upcoming class 3 knowledge test or code 20 (heavy trailer) endorsement knowledge test by studying the chapters for the class 3 in the ICBC Driving Commercial Vehicles manual and then testing your knowledge with our online practice tests.  The practice test is a great way to prepare you for the written part of ICBC learner's licence testing.

Our in-house education department has prepared various questions that are comparable to the questions on the official ICBC class 3 knowledge test, to check your understanding of BC's road rules, regulations, signs, signals & road markings. Take the practice test as many times as you would like to test your knowledge and understanding!

Our practice test also features a Resources section, where you can read and review passages from the ICBC Driving Commercial Vehicles manual, to clarify any information for your upcoming ICBC knowledge test.

Most class 3 vehicles are equipped with air brakes, so you'll likely need to prepare for the ICBC air brake knowledge test as well.  After taking the air brake course at an approved Driver Training facility, you'll be eligible to take the ICBC air brake knowledge test.  Need help preparing for the air brake knowledge test?  Check out our air brake practice tests to get ready!

Need more practice? We offer unique one-on-one or small group training sessions to help provide drivers with an understanding of the course material and key concepts required for the successful completion of the ICBC knowledge test. You can also try other knowledge tests for even more preparation!

*Correctly answering the practice test questions does not guarantee you will pass the ICBC knowledge test.

"I want to thank my instructor and the friendly knowledgeable staff that made my dream to become a commercial driver come true.

I'm currently doing long-haul runs through North America and I enjoy my job.

I've accepted the challenge to begin my journey as a truck driver and there are tough times; but I remember my Instructor said it's all about your attitude. So I stayed positive and bulldoze every obstacle in my way.

Yahoo!! Thanks again :)"



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