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My Account FAQ

How do I register for training? 

You can register online, via LiveChat, or by calling our office at 604-856-0115.

Why can't I login to my account?

You can schedule training yourself by logging in via the “STUDENT LOGIN” button located at the top of the webpage.

If you are still not able to login, you can send yourself a password reset located on the student login screen and that will be e-mailed to you.


How do I cancel training?

Training that is 7 or more days away can be cancelled by logging in via the “STUDENT LOGIN” button located at the top of the webpage.

You will need to enter your email and password to login to your account.

Under “Appointments” select the “Edit” button then the “Cancel” option on the appointments you wish to cancel. To cancel appointments that are 7 or less days away, please contact us by phone at 604-856-0115 or via LiveChat.


How do I add additional pickup locations to my account? 

You will need to login through the “STUDENT LOGIN” button located at the top of the webpage.

Select “Edit profile”.

Underneath the address information you will see the blue “new address” tab. Once all the information is entered, select “update profile”.


car FAQ

Do you book my ICBC road test?

If you would like to use a Valley Driving School vehicle for you road test, we will book your ICBC road test for you to ensure that we have a vehicle and Instructor available at the date and time of your test. If you plan to use your own vehicle for the road test, you can book your own road test on a preferable date and time here as driving schools have the same access to road test dates and times as the public.

What is the availability for appointments? When can I get started? 

We have Instructors available 7 days a week, mornings, afternoons and evenings. Due to the extremely high demand for our instructors, we are currently booking up to 6 months in advance. 

What program should I choose? 

We offer various programs for all skill levels and can help you choose a program based on your driving experience as we have multiple lesson packages to choose from. For new drivers and those with limited on-road experience, we recommend our Graduated Licencing Program. This is our most extensive, popular program and is approved by ICBC as students receive 2 high school credits as well as a 6-month reduction in the novice stage with successful course completion.

We also offer a Complete Program for students with some driving experience who are looking to primarily focus on on-road training to help them get prepared for their road test. This program also includes our Defensive Driving Classroom Course which gives you the knowledge, experience and foresight to adapt your driving behavior in varying environments that you may not experience during your on-road lessons.

Our Basic Program is geared towards students who have on-road experience and would like our  professional training to help polish their current skills. All of our car training programs also includes our Behind The Wheel and On Your Own e-Learning Course which gives you the knowledge, experience and foresight to adapt your driving behavior in varying environments that you may not experience during your on-road lessons. 

If a student is looking to brush up before their ICBC road test, would like to improve their current skills or just try out our training, we have Individual Lessons to help them move forward on their driving journey. You can take as many or as few individual lessons as you'd like. 

Are the lessons in my vehicle or the driving school vehicle? Do you pick me up for my training? 

All of our lessons are conducted in our company vehicles, as per our agreement with ICBC. Our vehicles are equipped with dual-foot controls for the safety of both our students and Instructors. We offer pickup for on-road lessons at home, work or school. For classroom instruction, students will meet us at one of our Lower Mainland locations. 

Do I need to take classroom training before on-road training? 

Would you like to take classroom training before on-road training or would you prefer to get behind the wheel first? The choice is yours! Our car programs are completely flexible so you can take a mix of of on-road and classroom training, allowing you to take the program components in the order you are comfortable with. The classroom curriculum has been built for students who have no experience on-road and for those who have already been driving. All of the training sessions can be taken at any of our Lower Mainland locations.

How do I get my class 2 or 3 commercial licence? 

Your first step in obtaining a class 2 or 3 licence is to attend the Air Brake Course. Once you've completed the air brake course, You will need to go to ICBC and take both the Air Brake Knowledge test and class 2 or 3 knowledge test. You can make appointments online for the knowledge tests here. Once You've passed both tests at ICBC, give us a call at 604-856-0115 to schedule the remainder of your program and road test.

Can I book truck on-road training sessions online? 

On-road lessons and road tests can be booked by phone at 604-856-0115 or via LiveChat. Classroom sessions can be booked online, by logging in to your online account.

What qualifications do I need to drive for a ride-hailing company, like Lyft or Uber? 

You will need to upgrade your current class 5 BC licence to a class 4 licence by passing a class 4 knowledge test and road test. A restricted class 4 licence will allow you to transport up to 10 people including the driver and the road test can be taken in a sedan-type of vehicle. An unrestricted class 4 licence will allow you to transport up to 25 people including the driver and that road test will need to be taken in a vehicle with a seating capacity of more than 10 people, such as a shuttle bus van. A minimum of a class 4 restricted licence is required to become a ride-hailing driver. 

What is the difference between manual and automatic transmission truck training? 

Our students taking the manual (standard transmission courses) will train on trucks that have anywhere from 13-18 speeds. The advantage of taking the manual training, is that most employers have a large number of manual trucks in their fleet. With automatic transmission training, students will not learn how to shift and you will have a restriction put on your licence allowing you to drive only automatic transmission vehicles. Automatic training is recommended for students who know what kind of vehicle they will be driving for future employment such as firefighters and bus drivers.

What is MELT training & when is it coming to British Columbia? 

Mandatory entry-level training  or MELT has been introduced for drivers who wish to obtain a class 1 commercial BC driver's licence. Drivers will need to successfully complete a MELT course, consisting of 150+ hours of classroom training, yard training and in cab training. The Province of BC and ICBC recently announced Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) will become a prerequisite for Class 1 road testing starting October 18, 2021.

Information regarding Valley's Class 1 MELT course (including training start dates), can be viewed on our course calendar

class 1 MELT FAQ

Mandatory entry-level training  or MELT is being introduced for drivers who wish to obtain a class 1 commercial BC driver's licence. Drivers will need to successfully complete a MELT course, consisting of 150+ hours of classroom training, yard training and in cab training before taking their class 1 ICBC road test.  Effective October 18, 2021 a person applying for a new BC class 1 driver's licence must successfully complete the BC class 1 MELT course before attempting a class 1 road test.


How long is the BC class 1 MELT course?

The course is 150+  hours, and includes Air Brake training, classoom sessions, yard training time and in cab/behind-the-wheel training time.  Students are required to completed the BC class 1 MELT course no more than 12 months from the date of enrolment, but it is expected that students will complete the course over an 8-12 week period.


How many attempts at the ICBC road test are included in the MELT Program?

We plan for our students to be successful so one attempt at the ICBC road test is included with the class 1 MELT program.  This extensive training program requires students to pass a number of ICBC assessments conducted by our Instructors prior to attending an ICBC road test appointment.  The goal of this program is to ensure you are a safe, knowledgeable and confident driver and we send you for an ICBC road test with the expectation of being successful.


I am currently or plan to get my class 2, class 3, class 4 or class 5 Air Brake Endorsement.  Will MELT affect me?

Class 2, class 3class 4 unrestricted, class 4 restricted and class 5 Air Brake Endorsement requirements remain unchanged at this time.


I took class 1 MELT training in another Canadian province.  Will that be accepted in BC?

BC will recognize the full class 1 MELT courses from other provinces, but with some exceptions. 

Alberta class 1 drivers who have only completed the Alberta class 1 "Experience & Equivalency Course" will be required to complete BC's full Class 1 MELT course. Documentation detailing your training/testing from another province will be required.

Ontario: While BC will recognize you completed an Ontario class A MELT course, you will be required to complete a mandatory BC air brake course and pass an air brake pretrip test before being issued a BC class 1 driver’s licence.  Valley Driving School is offering this course, please contact us at 604-856-0115 to register for this specialized training program.

Contact ICBC at 1-800-663-3051 for more information and to discuss your specific licensing needs.


Will there be any funding available for drivers to take the class 1 MELT program?

Valley Driving School offers interest-free payment options! Training may be scheduled upon receipt of a $5,000 deposit towards your program, with the balance being due by your first in-cab session of the program. Details regarding a payment plan for your specific training schedule can be discussed further with our office staff.

If you wish, you may pre-pay for your package and should you decide that you will not require the entire package, we will only charge you for the training you received and we will refund the balance.

Students may receive funding through various sources such as WorkBC, Worksafe, ISS of BC, RRSPs, & RESPs.  If you are looking at another source for funding, you are more than welcome to attend any of our offices to receive a personalized Acceptance Letter and a packet of information.

In addition, a number of government programs exist to assist with the training costs, and to support new class 1 drivers entering the commercial trucking industry moving forward.  These include:

  • Community Workforce Response Grant
  • Skill Enhancement Training Grant
  • Indigenous Skills Training Development Fund
  • BC Employer Training Grant

The BC Trucking Association (BCTA) is also offering a grant opportunity to motor carrier members to support relevant skills training for unemployed or currently underemployed employees to the needs of the business and the participant’s job. The BC Trucking Association (BCTA) will act as the administrator for this Grant Opportunity and funds accessed will be used to pay for Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) throughout BC.  The Grant Opportunity is only open to BCTA members.


What other costs or hidden fees should I budget for?

Our course offers many extras at no charge (online study resources and videos, free practice tests, complimentary student handouts).  No GST, no hidden fees and no charge for manuals and handouts ensure our prices are ones you can trust.

ICBC fees ($135 for ICBC licensing/road test fees) and medical fees ($100-$150 for doctor's physical) are not included in our prices .


What do I need to bring for training? 

For motorcycle training, be sure to have your Learner's Licence with you, every lesson and if you require corrective lenses, bring those as well. Students must provide their own DOT helmet for training, and we strongly recommend the use of a full face helmet for Skills and Traffic training. All training will be conducted on our 250CC Yamaha cruiser motorcycles. You will need to bring gloves, jacket and shoes that cover your ankles and we recommend wearing jeans or riding pants. Remember, training takes place rain or shine, so you'll want to stay warm and dry. 

What motorcycle program should I take? 

We recommend the Complete Motorcycle Program as it prepares students to be safe and independent riders. Our ICBC Certified Assessment Officers conduct the motorcycle skills assessment on-site with you and prepare you for the ICBC road test. If you would like to use our motorcycle for your road test, you can add-on our 2-hour road test prep session along with the use of our motorcycle for your road test. 

When do I need my Learner's Licence? 

You can start with the classroom sessions prior to you passing the class 6/8 ICBC knowledge test. You will need your motorcycle Learner's Licence once it's time to get on the motorcycle during the Skills and Traffic training sessions. 

Can I rent your bike for my ICBC road test? 

Students who have attended our Complete Motorcycle Training Program can purchase our road test preparation package to use one of our motorcycles for their ICBC road test. Students also get a 2-hour supervised traffic riding session to help prepare for the road test. 

How long is the program & what is the schedule for training? 

Motorcycle training takes approximately 2 weeks to complete and is conducted in the following order: MC1 (theory), MC2 (theory), SKILLS1 (closed circuit), SKILLS 2 (closed circuit) TRAFFIC1 (on-road), TRAFFIC2 (on-road). The Skills and Traffic training typically take place on weekends. Click here to view our course calendar for upcoming dates and times. Our motorcycle season typically runs from February/March through to October, depending on weather conditions. 

Instructor Training FAQ 

How long is the Instructor Training Course? 

Our Car Instructor Training Course typically takes 3 weeks to complete. Our Truck Instructor Training Course approximately takes 4-5 weeks and our Motorcycle Instructor Training Course takes 2 weeks to complete. 

What requirements do I need to have in order to take the course? 

You will need to contact ICBC at 1-800-950-1498 to begin the application process to determine if you are a suitable candidate. Once ICBC has provided written approval for you to take the Instructor Training Course, contact us via phone at 604-856-0115 to begin the intake process. 

What is the availability for appointments (when does the next course start?)

The Instructor Training Course is scheduled 3-4 times per year and requires full-time student attendance. You can inquire about start dates by contacting us at 604-856-0115 or LiveChat with scheduling questions. The majority of training is conducted from Monday-Friday from 8am-4:30pm with the occasional session in the evening and/or weekend. 

Where does the training take place? 

Instructor Training takes place at our Career Centre, located at 5680 Production Way in Langley BC.

Do I test with your school or ICBC? 

You will be tested by Valley Driving School as we have an ICBC Certified Assessment Officer on site to conduct the on-road testing and final exam for our car, truck and motorcycle Instructor Training candidates. 

COVID-19 FAQ & Action Plan

Have you resumed training?

Yes, we have resumed training. The ability to drive is an essential way of life in BC and can help people be less reliant on public transportation, reducing a person’s risk of exposure to members of the general public.

What are you doing to provide a safe training environment?

We have reduced our classroom capacity, and have increased the number of times our classrooms and vehicles are disinfected between training sessions.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be provided for in-vehicle & classroom training should the student not have access to their own equipment to reduce the risk of any airborne particle transmission.  Prior to training and/or registration, our staff will also complete a health screening questionnaire to ensure that everyone is healthy and able to complete training.

Are instructors and office staff vaccinated?

Due to confidentiality, we do not require instructors and staff to provide proof of vaccinations or provide their vaccine passport. We continue to monitor and update any changes related to covid health & safety protocols.   

I need to get my licence by a certain time or finish my training by a certain time, can you accommodate that?

We are working hard to accommodate all training requests and are currently scheduling car and truck and  sessions. Please contact us for updates regarding ICBC road test availability and wait times.

Do students need vaccine passports/proof of vaccination in order to take training? 

Valley Driving School does not require any students to provide proof of vaccination in order to take any form of training. We will continue to follow daily covid protocols by keeping reduced classroom sizes. Masks are no longer required to be worn in the classroom and for on-road lessons, however we will support students and staff who choose to continue to wear a mask. 

Are you offering online training?

Yes!  We now offer an e-learning course for car students called Behind The Wheel and On Your Own which is included in all our car training programs.  This online course focuses on real-life driving situations, vehicle maintenance, route planning, freeway driving and preparing for a lifetime of safe driving throughout the class 7N and class 5 licensing stages.  While we are still completing in-person training for many other courses, to ensure drivers are able to complete their licensing requirements, we have reduced our classroom capacity to allow for physical distancing, and have increased the number of times our classrooms are disinfected between training sessions.  Prior to training and/or registration, our staff will also complete a health screening questionnaire to ensure that everyone is healthy and able to complete training.  All of our offices have been fitted with plexiglass barriers to reduce the chances of airborne particles between clients and our office staff.

How can you assure me that my Instructor is COVID-19 free?

All of our office staff routinely conduct a health screening questionnaire with our Instructors to prevent potentially at risk interactions.  Employees showing any sign of illness, or suspect that they are ill, are sent home and asked to self-isolate and/or be tested by a medical  professional to diagnose their symptoms.  Following the recommendations they receive from a medical professional, our Instructors and staff will follow the steps they have been provided until their symptoms are completely resolved.


Additional details including our our complete return-to-work-plan for WorkSafeBC, available upon request.

 “Thank you so much for your professional approach to driver training.  I missed learning to drive in my teenage years and needed to quickly learn the rules of the road in order to pass my road test for a new job.  

The kind of service I received from Valley driving was excellent and of high caliber.  I did the entire program and all of it was useful to helping me pass my exam.  My experience with my instructor is to be commended immensely.  He was patient and helpful as I learned to drive, and without him I likely would not have passed that road test!  I'm thoroughly impressed by Valley Driving as a business and would like all of you to know that I appreciate how well each of you do your work.  Thanks!”



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